Scone Equestrian Centre is proud to be aligned with Equestrian Australia through  "Ready Set Trot" which is a National Equestrian programe .  Ready Set Trot is designed to give young people the opportunity to have fun with horses and offers them a variety of ways  to do so.

We deliver the Ready Set Trot "Stable Skills" programe which introduces young people to the world of horses teaching them fundamental horse skills and horse awareness within a safe and fun environment.  As well as teaching young people how to care for horses, Ready Set Trot gives horse mad kids the chance to bond with horses, an opportunity to learn how to ride and make new friends, regardless  whether they own a horse or not.









What is Stable Skills?  Stable skills is a program designed to introduce  young people to the enjoyment of horse riding, whilst teaching the fundamentals of horsemanship and overall horse welfare.  This outcome based program is made up of four "Ribbon Levels", which allows each student to work through the levels in a nurturing environment.  Each level is met with new activities, lesson plans and learning curves to further their horse knowledge and riding skills.


Participants register with Equestrian Australia  at a cost of $45.00, this price incudes their green level participant pack.  Riders commence at the Green level  and progress through the four levels which the programme offers.


TERM TWO Commence Saturday 29 April and Tuesday 2 May

  • Tuesdays  3.30pm to 5.30pm

  • Saturdays 9am to 11am & 12pm to 2pm

This is a weekly term programme, fees are $60 per week for a two hour session.  Groups will be limited to 6 students. At commencement of the programme 2 weeks fees are payable then weekly after that.  Deposit paid at beginning of term will cover the last session of term.  Sessions will run rain, hail or shine unless otherwise notified.