Vaulting is gymnastics on the moving horse,  it combines equestrian skills with the athletic benefits of gymnastics.  Anyone can do it, no matter what level or age.

Scone Equestrian provides vaulting activities for competitive and recreational purposes.  Adults and children of all abilities can enjoy this sport;  Improve your riding skills, balance, fitness and co-ordination whilst having fun.   We enable you to enjoy this unique sport  in a fun and safe environment.

Competitive vaulting is judged on the smooth and correct execution of a set of compulsory exercises and a freestyle program performed in harmony with the horse.  Vaulting routines include strength, flexibility and endurance training.  In addition to vaulting on horses we use a vaulting barrel to develop and perfect moves.


The Scone Equestrian Vaulting Team is an incorporated club and affiliated with Equestrian Australia.  The Club is based at our center and trains each Monday and Wednesday afternoon during school terms.


More information about vaulting can be found on the "Equestrian Vaulting Australia" website or "Equestrian Australia" Website.